I saw a vacuum in the furniture industry!   In people, there was a demand for modern furniture to live beautifully. And this motivated me to start this business. I never tire of creating new designs for furniture and add interesting pieces to our collection in response to new market trends and customs design.



Passion for design has been with me always and that made me walk this road and build my company.From designing interiors I took an interest in designing furniture products,  graphics, and textiles. Starting inside our small garage many years ago I worked with a master carpenter who made a chair for me in solid wood.  While I designed and explained each detail to my carpenter in order to create a harmony with each part of the chair, the end product was perfect.

This wooden chair was hand crafted polished with an upholstered seat made from silk fabric.  My love for wood began right away. With a small team of draftspersons, we began to create designs for interiors and furniture.

My focus was to create beautiful interiors with furniture made by us and this motivated me to move to a larger space to design interiors and have a separate furniture factory.  At the factory, we brought together a team of artisans, craftsperson’s, carpenters, polishers, and painters. I was passionate about style and unique designs and wanted to offer our people beautiful pieces that are durable and of high quality.  I wanted to build our brand where customers could rely on us.

Very soon our brand was appreciated for creativity quality workmanship reliability and affordable price. I found people were not willing to compromise on quality but of course wanted a competitive price. Being a creative designer with values that I believe in giving our company an edge over others.

With price constraints, I often thought of using slightly cheaper materials to make our products cost-effective but this was not in my grain of thoughts.  Therefore I never compromised.  Our product was of high quality inside out top to bottom with my signature being always to place Value over Price.

My relationship with those who helped me design Interiors Furniture and Products inspired my creativity to bring uniqueness in my work.  We went through each detail, each finish, to combine accessories and fabrics and make the final designed product a unique piece.

It has been a long journey but I am happy to have walked this road to achieve my goal.