About Nasreen Zamir

Born in Chittagong a port city in Bangladesh which for decades was known for trading connecting East to the West.

Love for art and design inherited from her parents inspired Nasreen Zamir to study Interior Design in Ottawa Canada.


How Jonaki was conceptualised


Being brought up in Chittagong amidst the greenery of hills forests and lakes she was drawn to the beautiful gardens, full of Jonaki “ the firely “ that swarmed at night in hundreds.  It was a magical sight she carried in her heart till today.


The fragrance was named Jonaki by Nasreen Zamir to

carry the endless spirit that represents this little firely “ Jonaki ” found in Bangladesh.


Having completed beautiful interiors and imaginative textile designs for over 25 years Nasreen was eager to venture into the new challenging world of fragrance.  She felt fragrance moved effortlessly to give style and personality to a character.  Thus in 2018 the fragrance brand Jonaki by Nasreen Zamir was created.



About the  Fragrance


The magic of scents motivated her to introduce floral fresh oriental woody and musky scents in her unique collection.


Jonaki by Nasreen Zamir is a modern classic scent created for women and men with an innate sense of chic and sparkle !


Jonaki for Women


Fragrance with floral, citrus, fresh scents has been created for women.


Jonaki for Men


Fragrance with woody, musky and aromatic scent has also been created for men.




Fragrance  for Women


  1. Bergamot Blush – has the scent of rose perfect for spring at the same time classic


  1. Neroli Blossom is a free spirited fragrance with a citrus floral scent which is fresh and can be worn at anytime of the day.


  1. Twilight in Paris is a refreshing fragrance with a sparkling scent of Jasmine and orange great for evening wear.


Fragrance  for Men


  1. Amaretto is a fresh and aromatic fragrance with the scent of leather and cedarwood. A classic fragrance that blends with both casual and comfortable clothes


  1. Forest Musk is a deep fragrance that is perfect to wear outdoors. With rich woody scent it is charismatic and addictive.


  1. Santal Tabac has the scent of sandal wood and tobacco.  Perfect for a formal wear that gives style and depth to fashionable clothing.




Fragrance for women in 3 categories






Fragrance for men in 3 categories